24th January 2019 Conosciamoci Meglio: A Robot for a friend


Bayer Italia, on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of its presence in the city of Milan and in conjunction with the inauguration of the new Communication Center, decided to open his doors to citizenship with a series of conferences on current issues and social relevance.


In this third meeting some of the leading experts in the scientific and information world will talk about this topic: A robot for a friend. How technology helps us live better.


We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 24th January at 6.00 pm in Viale Certosa 130 in Milan.


Convertation with:

Roberto Cingolani - Direttore Scientifico dell'ISTITUO ITALIANO di TECNOLOGIA di Genova

Conducted by:

Francesca Cerati - Nova; Il Sole 24 Ore; Giornalista UNAMSI 


Here is the link to register and participate at the meeting: Sign up


If you are interested in more information about these events, please click on the following link: Conosciamoci Meglio

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