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The production potential of Bayer in Italy is based in 3 industrial sites:


  • the Garbagnate Milanese (Milan) site


  • the Filago (Bergamo) site


These industrial sites have many common denominators that make them international reference points for the most advanced production: high production capacity, automated processes, the use of advanced technology, and constant innovation supported by a policy of sustained investment.
There is also Bayer’s commitment to quality, safety and environmental safeguarding.
Quality – of processes, products and market approach – has led Bayer in Italy, for many years now - and as one of the first companies in the sector – to achieve compliance with the ISO 9000 standards for all technical areas and utilities. 

The production sites in Garbagnate and Filago, in particular, represent an optimal model of efficiency, in which the choices and operational approach of Bayer in terms of environmental protection and safety are fully shared: not just single-company sites, but sites that work in synergy, while preserving the independence of action and specific features of all the Bayer and third party company production unit present in the Site.
The Garbagnate Milanese Site,  Bayer's first industrial plant in Italy, built in the immediate postwar period, occupies an area of 108,000 square metres in the  Parco delle Groane, one of the largest green spaces in Lombardy. The high quality standards reached make Garbagnate one of the most advanced pharmaceutical complexes in Europe, as evidenced by the brilliant success of the production unit in passing all the EMEA, FDA and AIFA inspections. The medicines produced at Garbagnate are exported to several countries, including the United States.

The Filago Site, which covers an area of approximately 700,000 square metres, is specialised in the production of crop protection products. It hosts substantial third party activities and employs a total of 500 people.

As part of the programme for Environmental Management System certification (ISO 14001 standards) and the EMAS programme, the company is renowned for its commitment and the results it has achieved.


Progress continues with the renewal of certifications according to the EMAS 2 rules, which represent a further step forward in the global protection of the environment. The results of this commitment are evident: drastically reduced atmospheric emissions, purified waste waters that meet the strictest legal parameters, risk margins for plant safety that are close to zero.


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