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Benefits & Rewards

Mission, values, corporate culture, organization, monetary elements and non-monetary aspects, and commitment to sustainable development are the main characteristics of the work experience in Bayer and it’s what we offer to our employees in exchange of their performance.


An ongoing activity of adaptation to existing contracts and a regular comparison with our main competitors and the local market let us offer competitive compensation systems and benefits in line with the demands and responsibilities of each position, and at the same time to reward our employees with awards based on individual and corporate performance, while promoting personal growth and performance.


Our benefits are different from job to job and provide our employees with benefits and specific services in the areas of prevention , health , work-life balance , flexibility.


We are constantly working to improve the benefits we offer.


Benefits & Rewards

Competitive Pay
Flexible Working Hours
Health Maintenance
Complementary retirement

Competitive Pay

The Bayer remuneration packages are designed to meet the diverse needs of our employees at a global level and include items such as basic salary ,  long and short-term incentives and benefits .

These items are checked against external  and internal benchmarks to ensure that people in our company are paid equally and competitively against the market.

Flexible Working Hours

For Bayer , the work schedule is a tool to ensure efficiency and competitiveness to the organization . The company and the collective bargaining allow different work times , facilitating the reconciliation of the company's needs and those of employees .

Health Maintenance

Bayer offers its employees annual campaigns of prevention and medical checks.

In addition to the Contratto Collettivo Nazionale ( CCNL ) , the company offers medical services on site , medical check-ups and an integrative health care insurance that , in relation to the job , may be paid entirely by the company or on the basis voluntary .

Complementary retirement schemes

The company integrates with an additional fee the contributions already paid by employees to the supplementary pension fund envisaged by the CCNL agreement applied in the company ( Fonchim , Previndai )

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