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Present in almost every country in the world, Bayer offers its employees the opportunity to work in an international environment.


Such a broad and diversified organization allows people to develop their capacity to work in complex systems facing new challenges every day. Great independence in organizational management and considerable individual responsibility ensure that each employee can put into practice and develop his or her knowledge, skills and capacities.


We recruit people the company needs through contacts with universities and the job market. We care about their integration into the organization as well.


We both consider managers and employees equally responsible their development.


We check people's potential thanks to individual assessments and development centers.


Moreover, we support the professional growth of our employees through feedback, coaching, and trainings in order to improve their skills and to endorse all the changes the business requires.



How we are looking for


Each position needs a specific skill, depending on the experience required to perform the role in an efficient way  inside the market and in the overall organization.




We are looking for people who want to collaborate with us in the long term and in different business areas, with broader responsibilities, in international contexts as well.


An international study of a vast sample of successful managers worldwide has allowed Bayer to identify the key skills for its future. We evaluate these skills from the earliest steps in selection, so that people’s potential to move according to Bayer's worldwide orientation can be taken into account. A sense of responsibility, the desire to really engage, be proactive, curiosity, enthusiasm, and the pleasure of innovating complete the profile.


If you want to work with us, and these characteristics describe you, send us your application through the appropriate section “Job search”.

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Due to a conversion of our recruiting system we currently have two login areas for applicants:

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