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Bayer supports the introduction of young people into the world of work, giving them the possibility to be placed in collaboration with high schools, universities and post-graduate masters degrees.


The production sites  are more involved in this kind of collaboration with high schools, because of their specific activities. However there are also many opportunities to complete undergraduate and postgraduate courses of study.



Every year we offer around 50 project internships for students and recent graduates.


In this project, we work with the main Italian universities, also searching for candidates through their websites.


You can apply for an internship in the following ways:


  • On our website - for projects offered in Italy and in the foreign countries you are interested in.
  • Consulting the websites of universities that have signed partnership agreements with us.


Thesis & Placement

Bayer is in the list of businesses willing to host training placements organized by senior schools, universities and postgraduate institutions.


Bayer collaborates with  various educational institutions by participating in guided readings and presentations during  specific dedicated events (e.g: Career Days at universities).


To check Bayer’s involvement in training placements consult the lists of companies interested in this collaboration at the designated school offices.


Once you have chosen Bayer,  the school personnel responsible for placements will directly contact the human resources office of the company to define the placement.

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